Indonesia selected East Borneo Island for new capital

Indonesia has chosen the eastern end of the forested Borneo island for its new capital. President Joko Widodo said on Monday that the country is considering moving its political center away from the crowded metropolis Jakarta.

He said that the proposed location is close to the regional cities Balikpapan and Samarinda which is located in the geographical center of the South East Asian Archipelago and the government already has 180,000 hectares of land there. He said that this place is located in East Kalimantan province and there is a ‘minimum’ risk of natural disaster.

“For 74 years, the independent giant Indonesia has never chosen its capital,” said Widodo. He said, “The burden on Jakarta as a center of governance, business, finance, business and service has increased a lot now.”

Widodo said that the government will prepare a draft bill for this step which will be sent to Parliament. He said that about 466 thousand billion rupees ($ 33 ​​billion) will be spent on this project.