Man vs Wild / Modi shared childhood memories with Grylls, says- this is my first holiday in 18 years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s episode was telecast with host Bayer Grylls on Discovery’s show ‘Man vs Wild’ on Monday. During the show, Modi shared childhood memories with Grylls. Modi said that father was poor. There were many difficulties in childhood. We used to put hot coal in a pot and press it in clothes. Salt was used for washing clothes.

PM said- My focus has always been on development. If you consider it a vacation trip, this is my first holiday in 18 years. In this show filmed in Jim Corbett National Park, Modi asked Grylls – When did you first come to India? Grylls said – I came to India when I was 18 years old. Modi told Grylls that he used to share his hand in Dad’s tea shop. After that he used to go to school.

Modi said – killing is not in my values, it protects my life

Grylls told Modi that Jim Corbett National Park is a very big tiger habitat. There are many tigers here. He speared Modi as a weapon for security. Grylls said – you are the most important person in India. You are the Prime Minister. It is my job to take care of your safety. Modi replied that killing is not in my culture. Man’s safety is uppermost. Modi said- I keep this spear at the behest of you.

Used to meet saints in Himalayas: Modi

Modi also mentioned his Himalayas visit in the show. He said- I went to the Himalayas at the age of 17-18 to understand the world. I used to meet people there. Met many saints. At least life lived. Modi mentioned the art, culture, history and tradition of India in the program. Praised India’s ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. He said that India considers the whole world as its family.

Modi said – India should be completely clean by 2020

Modi mentioned Mahatma Gandhi. Modi said- Cleanliness should be in the heart of the people. India has a large population. Our aim is that India should be completely clean by 2020. In the program, better suggestions were sought on the Narendra Modi app on cleanliness. Those giving better suggestions will get a chance to meet PM Modi.