Pakistan minister’s giddiness, when can there be war between India and Pakistan

Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed predicted that there could be war between India and Pakistan. Rashid has speculated that a fight between India and Pakistan could break out in the month of October or later.

According to a private channel in Pakistan, Railway Minister Rashid said – “There will be war between Pakistan and India in late October and November-December”. He said that he is preparing his country for this.
Without naming nuclear weapons, Rashid said, ‘We have not kept these weapons to run on any Diwali. If Pakistan’s time of life and death comes, it will attack India.

Pakistan railway minister Sheikh Rashid, who is often in the spotlight due to his controversial statements, was punched and thrown eggs in London a few days ago. According to reports published in the Pakistani media, Sheikh Rashid, the head of the Awami Muslim League and railway minister, was attacked while he was leaving for an award ceremony at a hotel in London. Those who attacked him escaped from the scene.