Israeli fighter jets attack Palestinian base in Lebanon

Israeli fighter jets attacked a Palestine base in eastern Lebanon, near the border with Syria. The Lebanese government national news agency reported this. The attack comes a day after an Israeli drone crashed into Hezbollah’s stronghold in southern Beirut and exploded in another.

The agency’s report said that three attacks occurred at intervals of a few minutes after midnight on Sunday. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – the base of the General Command – linked to the Hezbollah terrorist group of Lebanon. Syria supports this group. Israel did not immediately comment on the attack. The agency said the attacks occurred in Kusaya village in the eastern Becca Valley.

Earlier, Israeli aircraft carried out airstrikes on Hamas targets on the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Monday. The Israeli carried out the airstrikes as a retaliation after Gaza fired three rockets into southern Israel. No casualties were reported in the attacks.

The military said the air strikes also targeted the office of a Hamas commander on the northern Gaza Strip. The military reported Sunday night that Israel’s missile defense system dropped two rockets fired from Gaza. However, he did not provide any information regarding the third rocket.