Insanity: Two Indians who were cheated in UAE, Pakistani teacher helped

Two Indians stranded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since May this year were helped by a Pakistani teacher of the Quran. Both of these Indians had fallen prey to a travel agent. This information has been given in a media report on Monday. According to Khaleej Times, Mohammad Usman and Shivkumar are from Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively. Both of them went to travel agent Noor Mohammad to get a job abroad.

The agent asked the two to pay Rupees two and a half to make Australia’s visa. First, they were provided tickets to Thailand and after that they were told that their Australian visas would arrive soon. However they were not allowed to enter Thailand as they did not meet all the conditions of visa-on-arrival.

The two stranded at the airport called their relatives to buy a return ticket and after that they returned to India. On returning, Usman and Shivkumar asked the agent to refund him about seven lakh rupees, but the agent claimed that his visa for Australia is ready and going to UAE would be a better route for him.

According to the report, when he reached the UAE, he was given a place to stay in Ajman. The agent gave him 50 dhirams (Rs 979) and left the country and never returned. Both of them have been fighting there since then and after that a Pakistani citizen Mohammad Asadullah came forward to help them. The report quoted Sivakumar as saying that Asadullah, the Pakistani owner of the villa, where the two are staying, did not charge rent from them and helped them by giving them free food.