Australia plans to ban online extremist content, implementation of blocking websites

Australia plans to block websites to prevent the spread of extremist content during “critical” events. Scott Morrison said Sunday at the G7 summit in Biritz that in the wake of deadly attacks on two mosques in New Zealand in March Precautionary steps need to be taken.

He said in a statement that ‘live streaming’ of the killing of 51 people shows how digital forums and websites can be used to spread extreme violence and terrorist content. “Such disgusting things have no place in Australia and we are doing everything possible regionally and globally to prevent terrorists from glorifying their crimes,” said Morrison.

As part of these measures, Australia’s’ eSafety Commissioners will work closely with companies to restrict access to domains promoting terrorist content. The new 24-hour “Crisis” Coordinator Center will be tasked to monitor terrorism-related incidents and extremely violent incidents for censorship.

Following the Christchurch attack, Australia also set up a task force with global tech companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter to stop the spread of extremist content. It is not yet clear how these new measures will be implemented. Morrison had previously stated that legislation could be brought if technology companies do not cooperate.